Services for Startups

With over 12 years working with startups around the globe, I have gone through the process of launching products over 50 times.

No matter which industry you’re in, a startup goes through the same process from product development to testing to launching to marketing to building long-term customer relationships and growing the business.

If you're planning to launch your first product or looking to improve your first product, I can help. I provide dedicated startup services to design and build your app or web application, to market your startup and more. Furthermore, I support you in your fundraising phase - so you can focus on growing your business and realising your vision.

Concept Workshop

The first step of building your product is to come together for a concept workshop. In the workshop we look at your business idea from all angles, we look at your market, your competitors, your business model and so on. We concept your MVP (Minimum Viable Product), thereby create the user journey for your app, and define and prioritize features to ensure lean development.

If you're interested in learning more about the concept workshop and its benefits for your startup, please express your interest below.

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Lean UX for Business

UX for Enterprise

Getting your UX right is the key to building successful products. Let's work together to build with purpose to deliver products that your customers will love.

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Lean UX Accelerator

UX Accelerator

The UX accelerator is a 1:1 mentor program designed to help your startup succeed. Learn how to apply the Lean UX principles to build a product that people buy.

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Lean UX Ad Hoc

Quick UX Help

Do you have specific questions to your current business and product lifecycle? Receive quick advice and relevant solutions to problems that you’re experiencing.

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