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Do you have specific questions to your current business and product lifecycle? While the internet offers great advice, it is not always relevant to our specific business. Rather than spending hours or even weeks to find possible solutions that may or may not work, you can now book me to get relevant UX expert advice quickly.

Sometimes it’s just a question that we want to get answered, other times we’d love to discuss our product in more detail - find below 3 Ad Hoc services designed for you and your business.

UX Advice Strategy 1:1 Workshop
  • UX Advice in 48 hours
  • Via Email

You have a specific UX problem and would like to receive relevant solutions. Explain your problem and get my UX advice within 48 hours via email.

  • 1 hour Strategy Session
  • Via Skype Video

You have several questions and would like to discuss your startup with me. Book a 1:1 strategy session to receive my UX advice directly via Skype video call.

  • 1-5 Days Workshop
  • In Person

You want to run a workshop for your startup or business to build a new product, or you want to educate your team or clients on Lean UX.


Valued at $250

Payment via Paypal

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Valued at $750

Payment via Paypal

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Let’s discuss your workshop to receive a non-binding quote.

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UX Coaching for Startups

Are you interested in learning Lean UX yourself to build your startup? The Lean UX accelerator is a 1:1 mentor program designed to help your startup succeed. In the 1 and 3 months accelerator, you will learn how to apply the Lean UX principles to build a product that people will buy. Furthermore, you will learn how to capture and read data, and understand what business metrics to focus on to make your startup successful.

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