14 User Onboarding Experts to Follow on Twitter
by Aja Frost, Appcues

With more than 10 years of experience in UX design, visual branding, information architecture, and front-end develoment, Katrin Suess definitely knows of what she tweets. She primarily helps tech startups improve their user experience, which means her Twitter account is half entrepreneurship-themed, half UX-themed. If you’re currently working at or running a startup, you’ll appreciate the mix. Read more

Katrin Suess is back with her new London based venture Styleicona
by Mike Huynh, Startup Daily

Styleicona is the name of the new fashion startup headed by serial entrepreneur Katrin Suess (ZeroMail, BleeBook, Desciens, Vimily). The newly launched app aims to create a global place for fashion democracy – something many fashion platforms have attempted in the past but not been able to succeed at. The app essentially enables young females to vote on fashion, set new trends and define beauty independently from the mass media who usually have a vested interest in serving the advertiser’s needs before their audience’s. Read more

Katrin Suess: Video at the Forefront of Engagement
by Natalie Candarakis, Women In Focus

Katrin Suess is a creative entrepreneur and is the Chief Technology Officer and cofounder of Vimily. Obsessed with entrepreneurship, Katrin has run her own company since 2008 and has many, many creative outlets in addition to her work; she paints, sings, raps and can fold the smallest paper ship in the world. Katrin sat down with Natalie Candarakis and explored the ways your business can benefit from video content. Read more

  • Startup Lab at Yahoo News Australia

    Startup Lab,
    Yahoo News Australia

  • Women Entrepreneurs at CeBit Conference 2013

    Women Entrepreneurs,
    CeBit Australia

    Discussion panel with Senator Kate Lunday, Melissa Winder and Whitney Komor at the CeBit Conference 2013.

Im Gespräch: Katrin Suess, SBS
Trudi Latour, SBS

In dieser Woche fand die Technikmesse CEBIT in Sydney statt. Katrin Suess war dort, und nutzte ihr eigenes Video App StartUp um die Teilnehmer aufzunehmen. Ausserdem erzählt sie uns von Frauen in der IT Welt. Listen to Podcast

Startup Stories: The ‘Rappa-Preneur’ Behind Vimily
Milica Djukanovic, RecruitLoop

Most six-year old girls growing up in East Germany in the 1980s were ‘taught’ not to speak their mind. But from a very young age, one particular little girl believed in the philosophy that ‘you can do anything in life as long as you put your mind to it’. Today, Katrin Suess isn’t just a cofounder of both fast-growing startup Vimily and recently launched Startup with Style. She’s also their CTO. It’s still quite uncommon for a woman to hold the CTO seat – let alone one who moonlights as a rapper! We found out more about the bizarre series of co-incidences that led her to where she is today. Read more

  • Guest Speaker at VIVO Cafe in Sydney

    VIVO Cafe in Sydney

    Guest Speaker @ VIVO Cafe.
    Topic: Why video is essential for your business.

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