Latest Startups I have worked with:

  • StartupDesigner
  • Scouted
  • OneCub
  • By Geekgirl
  • My ResumeKit
  • Quinn
  • City Pantry
  • Elder
  • Styleicona
  • Vimily
  • ScriptRock
  • ZeroMail
  • Fancied
  • 99Dresses
  • BlueChilli
  • Bleebook
  • Expense Manager

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What clients say...

  • Tom Brooks

    Tom Brooks

    Co-Founder, Elder

    Katrin was great to work with. She’s incredibly smart, efficient and always delivers. Katrin helped us get the business off the ground. She worked incredibly fast and was very data driven which is something we were focused on from the beginning.

  • Stuart Sunderland

    Stuart Sunderland

    Founder/CEO, City Pantry

    We needed a project completed quickly and to a high standard and Katrin delivered. She asked all the right questions, has a fantastic understanding of the process and produced very high quality designs.

  • Olivier Dion

    Olivier Dion

    CEO, OneCub

    Katrin knows exactly how startups operate and we have been able to talk at a very high level about our tech and product requirements. Katrin made strong UX propositions and worked closely with us to create a great product.

What I can help you with?

Worked with 50+ startups

In the past 12 years, I enjoyed working on innovative products with over 50+ startups in the USA, Europe and Australia. I also had the opportunity to found and grow several tech businesses, for which I successfully raised funding. Working with me means, that I can not only provide design and development services to build your app or software, but I am also able to help you to become pitch perfect for your fundraising phase.

Startup Support & Expertise

Startups that work with me benefit from my startup experience and expertise to build lean which means that we only build what needs to be built in order to achieve your business goals. We will test along the way to ensure that everything we build has purpose and therefore will be used by your customers. This lean way of designing and developing technology will put you in the best possible position to fundraise for your startup and to build a successful company.

High Value & ROI

Working with me means that you will get the best possible ROI (return on investment) as we will build a great product with high value for your customers.

Dedicated Startup Services

  • Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin

    Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin

    CEO, BlueChilli Technology

    Katrin is an awesome designer, a true "design magician" who has a fantastic eye for detail, a very good rapport with clients and colleagues and a determination to get things done correctly. When Katrin takes on a project she is able to see the end vision instantly and comes up with creative designs that are intuitive and easy to follow.

  • Nikki Durkin

    Nikki Durkin

    Founder/CEO, 99 Dresses

    Katrin did a fantastic job redesigning our website. She understood the brief very well and created a design that was exactly what I was looking for, whilst also improving the usability of the site. She was incredibly accommodating when it came to feedback and changes, and always delivered on time. I enjoyed working with Katrin and would highly recommend her to anyone needing a reliable, talented web designer.

  • Alan Sharp-Paul

    Alan Sharp-Paul

    Co-founder & Co-CEO, ScriptRock

    Working with Katrin was an absolute pleasure. She has the key quality in a designer of being able to very quickly understand a client's brief, even when the client is not necessarily clear themselves. Her work was of the highest quality and she was as responsive as she was diligent. I would not hesitate to recommend her to another company or to use her services again.

  • Andrew Jessup

    Andrew Jessup

    Founder, Noosbox

    Katrin is who you call when you want just the right balance of creativity, ingenuity and integrity, and to have it all delivered on time. She's a consummate professional who is able to take a complex UX problem, distill it down to it's bare essentials, and repackage it beautifully.