How I work

  • User Research

    1 User Research

    User research is crucial to build a product that people will buy. There are many different research methods available, such as User Interviews, A/B Testing, Usability Testing, Competitor Analysis to name a few. To get clear results, as well as to save time and money, my role as Lean UX expert is to identify which research is right for your product at every phase of its lifecycle, and to conduct user research in its best manner to identify your customer’s problems.

  • Analysing Data

    2 Analysing Data

    Many startups are great in collecting data, but don’t know how to analyse it. My role as Lean UX expert is to understand and analyse what is affecting your business metrics, and/or why it is changing. Once data is read correctly, we can define on which metric we will focus on (e.g. revenue, engagement) and find optimisations to increase it.

  • Wireframing

    3 Interaction Design (Wireframing, Sketching)

    Once user research has been conducted and data has been analysed, we’re able to identify our customer’s problems. Based on the business metric that we want to focus on, we select the problem that has the most promise to optimise our targeted metric. As a Lean UX expert, I come up with concepts on how to fix the customer’s problem - this could be a new feature or a change in the current product, for example. I create sketches and wireframes to communicate those concepts with you and your team.

  • Prototyping

    4 Prototyping & User Testing

    Prototypes are fantastic to validate design before the real product or feature is build. This save time and money by being able to identify any flaws and iterate the design before any code is written. I typically create a clickable prototype (in HTML & Javascript or linked images) which I then test with users. I recommend that your engineers attend a few sessions, as they see how the feature or product is behaving while watching the user interact with it. This usually saves communication and documentation time later on when building the product or feature.

  • Visual Design

    5 Visual Design

    In most cases the visual design is applied after the initial prototype has been tested with real users. This allows us to get better test results as the user will never be stuck on any visual elements, and is 100% focused on the functionality of the product or feature. As final stage of the prototyping, the visual design is applied which will again be tested with real users to validate the design before any code is written. This ensures that we don’t build anything that the customer doesn’t want, and saves money and time in the long run.

  • Brand Identity

    6 Brand Identity

    If you are a newborn startup with no branding yet, you've come to the right place. As Lean UX designer with strong visual design background, I offer as part of my services to develop your brand identity, your logo, and the look and feel of your product. This process can typically be kept separate from the product development until the visual design is applied to the prototype. And, like everything in Lean UX, I use various research methods to identify which branding is the most effective for your product and business.

  • Front-end Development

    7 Front-end Development

    Depending on the product, in some cases I build the prototype directly in HTML instead of producing a clickable prototype in InVision. An HTML prototype takes longer to produce, but can later on be used by the engineers for the real product - so it saves development time in the long-run.

  • Cross-functional Team

    8 Cross-functional Team

    Lean UX works best with a cross-functional team where the team is working closely together from start to end of a product lifecycle. As a Lean UX expert, part of my services is to help your team become a cross-functional team and work efficiently together to build great products in an collaborative atmosphere. This will help your business to ship new products and features faster, and enables you to react quickly to any market changes.

Looking for developers?

You have the option to engage me and my development partners to build your product at an exceptionally high standard. All my development partners are experts in working with startups and have 10+ years experience in building mobile and web applications.

Depending on the tech requirements for your product, I will seek out the most suitable development teams for you. You will receive time and cost estimates from each team for the development phase, and will be able to choose your favourite team to work with. If you wish, I can stay on as project manager to manage the development team during the building phase.

Startups engaging me for their product development saved $50k+ on development, server costs and resources.

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