Sell Before You Build.

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“Sell Before You Build.” is a clever startup guide to show you in a simple few steps how you can validate your startup idea and make revenue before you build your actual product or service.

The 12-Day guide is based on a magical Lean UX startup formula that can be applied to any type of business. Are you a tech founder wanting to build the next Uber? Are you a musician wanting to record a top-selling album? Are you an author wanting to write a bestseller book? This guide is for everyone building a product or service, tech or no tech. It simply works for everything!

About the Author

Katrin Suess has 12 years of experience as a UX designer, front-end developer, entrepreneur, and startup mentor. Katrin has founded several tech businesses since 2007 (incl. ZeroMail, Styleicona, By Geekgirl, Heartwired) and has worked with 50+ startups in Australia, USA and Europe. Katrin holds a Diploma in Marketing, BA in Online Journalism and MA in Design Innovation (Interactive Design) with distinction.

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What is Lean UX?

One of the most important concepts of Lean UX is to validate product ideas with users early and often in order to keep learning. Lean UX centers around validating hypothesis in order to build faster and better products. Instead of thinking of a product as a series of features to be built, Lean UX looks at a product as a set of hypothesis to be validated. We don’t assume that we know what the user wants. We do...

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Lean UX for Business

UX for Enterprise

Getting your UX right is the key to building successful products. Let's work together to build with purpose to deliver products that your customers will love.

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Lean UX Accelerator

UX Accelerator

The UX accelerator is a 1:1 mentor program designed to help your startup succeed. Learn how to apply the Lean UX principles to build a product that people buy.

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Lean UX Ad Hoc

Quick UX Help

Do you have specific questions to your current business and product lifecycle? Receive quick advice and relevant solutions to problems that you’re experiencing.

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