Hi. I'm Katrin.

My name is Katrin Suess. I have 12 years of experience as a UX designer, front-end developer, entrepreneur, and startup mentor. I have founded several tech businesses since 2007 (incl. ZeroMail, Styleicona, By Geekgirl, StartupDesigner) and worked with 50+ startups in Europe, USA and Australia. I hold a Diploma in Marketing, BA in Online Journalism and MA in Design Innovation (Interactive Design) with distinction.

14 User Onboarding Experts to Follow on Twitter
by Aja Frost, Appcues

With more than 10 years of experience in UX design, visual branding, information architecture, and front-end develoment, Katrin Suess definitely knows of what she tweets. She primarily helps tech startups improve their user experience, which means her Twitter account is half entrepreneurship-themed, half UX-themed. If you’re currently working at or running a startup, you’ll appreciate the mix. Read more

Katrin Suess is back with her new London based venture Styleicona
by Mike Huynh, Startup Daily

Styleicona is the name of the new fashion startup headed by serial entrepreneur Katrin Suess (ZeroMail, BleeBook, Desciens, Vimily). The newly launched app aims to create a global place for fashion democracy – something many fashion platforms have attempted in the past but not been able to succeed at. The app essentially enables young females to vote on fashion, set new trends and define beauty independently from the mass media. Read more

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